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4 Ways to Tell if Someone’s Into You

The dating scene can be nerve wracking, and it’s normal to overthink if the other person likes you or not. While we wish we could give you the perfect formula to read every person you come across, it doesn’t exist – no one is the same. Everyone communicates, reacts and feels differently, but here are a few telltale signs to help you get an idea if someone is interested.

Non-Verbal Cues

Our non-verbals give us away even before we speak—you just have to be paying attention!

Let’s start with their eyes, are their gazes frequent, playful and even followed by a smile? If they are looking at you while they speak or keeping your gaze as they turn their head away, this is a good sign that they are interested. But don’t base their feelings completely off of frequent eye contact, some people are shy, pay attention to other signs as well.

Someone who is interested in you will have very open body language – they won’t be closing themselves off with huddled posture and crossed arms. One sign may be, leaning in towards you when having a conversation, giving a clear indication that they want to be closer to you. Or, if you’re sitting next to them, they may also position themselves with their shoulders back, but the far shoulder slightly angled towards you. This can be read as a little more romantic, like they are closing off the outside world to focus on you.

Reading their posture and body language can give you a great basis on how they are feeling about you. Do they look uncomfortable or do they seem warm and inviting?

Physical Touch

Physical touch is also a big indicator of someone's interest – and we’re not saying it’s going to be some obvious romantic embrace -- subtlety is key. It will most likely be a playful grab of the arm when they’re laughing or talking, or a slight brush of the hand as you’re walking by each other or from across the table.

These casual and playful touches can mean that they are wanting to be close enough to touch you. Keep in mind that this is not a green light for you to make an overly aggressive move, but will give you an idea of their comfort level. When on a date these little touches can be a good indicator that they are into you.

Verbal Cues

Verbal cues will be more subtle and a little harder to pick up on, at least in the beginning. Unless the person is extremely forward with their feelings, you should look for language that matches yours. When they talk to you, are they mirroring your interest? Are they asking personal questions, or disclosing personal information about themselves? Are they talking about the future? The more they engage in the conversation and the deeper you dive, chances are this has the potential to go somewhere beyond just a friendship.

And don’t forget laughter! Laughter is one of the purest and more commonly used forms of validation with a friend or loved one. If the conversation is light and you are both laughing and enjoying yourselves, it’s a sign that the date is on the right track.

Conversation is Constant or Easy

Are you finding yourselves in any awkward silences and struggling to hold a conversation or are you teasing and flirting with each other? Being able to poke fun at themselves and you in a “playful-flirty” way is a sign that they are comfortable and into the conversation, and most likely you, too.

No matter the frequency of your communication with a potential partner, the key is keeping each other engaged with continued conversation. If they are sending you random messages, they are taking the time out of their day because they want to talk to you. This is a great sign they are thinking about you and interested in continuing to get to know you.


While we all wish attraction and interest were black and white, they are not! This is all part of the fun of dating--learning how to read someone who is interested and react based on those signs will set you up for a better dating experience! Allow these 4 simple ways to help you find your Mr./Mrs. right, and remember, we are always here to help!

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