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A New Year, New Possibilities

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

The new year is the perfect time to reflect on the past year and make fresh goals for the year to come. However, we also know that life gets busy and prioritizing our 2020 goals start to fade as January turns into February – especially with things that aren’t already in our everyday lives – for example, dating. Start this new decade with a revamp of your love life--make it a top priority!

Most people leave their love lives to chance, living through the romanticized idea that love and relationships are easy; that they will come if you are patient and wait. Is it obvious yet that waiting isn’t working?

It’s time to make a change! And talk about timing… new year, new possibilities!

Dating and relationships CAN be easier – with the right tools and making the effort. In 2020, make a shift in the way that you are approaching dating. Are you happy with the results? If not, isn’t it time you start working towards the results you want?

A little help never hurt anyone!

Yes, we all talk to our friends - and reading advice books is great, but it’s not always the best option. The reality is, friends can be biased, and you can read all the books that you want but books don’t talk back. We outsource other aspects of our lives, why not for our love lives?

Hiring a dating coach or a life coach in general gives you someone with an unbiased opinion to talk to and challenge you to think about your patterns. I see people make great strides working on their relationship

goals, baggage and subtle changes to even their language that make the biggest


“Jolene didn't change my dating life, but she helped me see that it was all within me to make that change for myself.” – Dave

When you find yourself in what feels like the same relationship over and over again, or are struggling to maintain a long-term relationship, a Date Coach may just be the answer. Or you may just be struggling with the nuances of the opposite sex.

“Jolene is very efficient with her coaching about how to prepare for the date, what needs to be done and most importantly how to turn a date into a successful relationship. There are so many dating cues I have not been aware before and it has helped a great. She is not afraid to be honest with her feedback.” - James

This new year - do something different. Take REAL steps in your life to make the changes you want to see come to fruition. Come up with a plan to reach your goals - whether it be in your love life, for your health, or for your work! When you are ready to choose love and you’re looking for a little extra guiding, motivating and accountability, I am here for you! Make 2020 your year to achieve what you want from dating--the first step is your commitment!

Jolene Beaton is a nationally renowned matchmaker and

dating expert. Her expertise, passion and unique ability to

truly understand singles and the complex dating scene

have made her a sought after expert in matchmaking,

dating and relationships. Over the past 11 years Jolene has

established herself as a leading Dating & Relationship

Coach with It's Just Lunch and remains focused on one

key goal – helping her clients find love.

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