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Are You Ready to Leave Quarantine?

Looking out at the world, it feels a bit like it is moving in slow-motion, doesn’t it? It can be hard for some to gather the motivation to continue daily patterns and with a lot of states moving to the tiered system, it feels like life will be opening soon – but are you ready for that? If you are someone who put off dating during this time or have been strictly dating virtually, are you ready to bring yourself back to the outside world of face-to-face interactions?

If picking-up where life left off seems like it’s miles away, there are a few things you can do to start easing back into it.

Start Slowly

Even with restaurant patios opening up, it is still your decision on how often you would like to be in public. You can create a plan and set goals that will promote self-motivation and progression for yourself based on your comfort level.

First things first, start by assessing and progressing on the goals that may have been placed on the backburner during this time. Take 10-15 minutes out of your day and just take a moment to breathe and focus on what is important to you.

Starting back into the habits you had a few months ago will help you to better adjust yourself back into life after quarantine. Say your goals were to be more active and you’ve caught yourself replacing it with a Netflix binge - write down “I want to do 30 minutes of movement every day this week” or “I want to go on a three mile walk four days this week” and then do it.

The same can be done with dating. Set a goal for yourself - set a goal to take one positive thing away from every date or meeting that you have. Positivity breeds opportunity and setting attainable goals will get you started towards your long-term goal.

Take Care of Yourself

Keeping your immune system and nutrition balanced during this time is more important than ever. As we start to go out, water should be a daily part of your routine. Try setting a goal of the recommended 64oz per day. Say, “I will drink 22 by 11 a.m., 20 by 3 p.m., and the last 22 before bed”. Keep in mind what is obtainable for you and set your goals based on that.

Try cutting down on sugar and limiting your intake of stereotypical “unhealthy foods”. Filling your body with natural sugars and vitamins will keep you energized and help keep your metabolism up in the days where we aren’t getting much movement.

Eating healthier foods, drinking lots of water and implementing daily activities where you are getting your body moving will not only help increase your physical energy, but will also help you feel more confident about your body. All of this positivity translates directly to your dating life - when you feel great, you project the best you. And the best you is the most attractive you - which the right person will be drawn to!


Always listen to your body, implement and follow-through on your goals while making healthier choices for yourself. This will help you leave quarantine feeling ready to conquer anything. Not only will it make you feel great but that boost of confidence will shine through when you are meeting new people in person again.

Happy dating!

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