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Bring on the Virtual Dates

With shelter in place in action, more and more singles are finding they have more time at home on their hands. And those singles who live alone have been sharing their desire for more connection not only with friends and family, but also wanting to find that special person. Yes, health and safety is the priority, but that doesn't mean that we have to cancel or postpone connection, even meeting someone new!

The majority of our current clients have chosen to continue to date from home or focus inward on their own personal development. Our IJL Matchmakers still believe real connections are made when people meet face-to-face, but we know that pivoting for the needs of our clients is a priority with our new reality.

So, bring on the virtual dates!

Virtual Date Etiquette

Dating is still dating!

With that in mind, don’t allow the slight difference of meeting on a screen change the way you act. Start it off with some get to know questions, you want to see what you have in common. From there, you can branch off into a million different topics from something you saw on your walk today to the funny parody song on YouTube that they must check out.

When it comes to the length of the date, a good rule of thumb – like any first date, it should last long enough to learn if they are someone you are interested in getting to know more, YET, short enough to give you that easy “out” IF you aren’t feeling it.

For a virtual first date -- plan for at least 30 minutes.

Dress to Impress

First impressions are still first impressions!

So you’re going to want to stay in that “first date” mindset and dress to impress! Even though you’re at home, you’re going to want to ditch the sweats and opt for something like you would wear when going out.

By putting some effort into your appearance, you’re showing the other person that you cared enough to bring your “A” game -- and looking your best, makes you feel your best-- allowing you to be your most confident.

Check out our blog “Dress to Feel Your Best” if you want any first date attire tips!

Now You Set the Scene

Instead of relying on a restaurant to set the ambiance-it’s all on you! That means pick the place in your home where you feel comfortable -- remember it’s now part of your first impression and a glimpse into your personal space.

Lighting is key. You want to make sure your date can see your face, not just a silhouette. Natural lighting is best, but any ample lighting will do.

Consider your background. Keep it simple, not cluttered. Make sure you put away anything you don’t want to show on camera... you can break out the photo albums another time! Remember, getting to know someone over time is normal, you should still be able to slowly get to know one another, even though you are home!

Definitely get a 2nd opinion. Not only is this a great way to test your technology skills, but also to make sure everything is camera ready for your date. A quick call with your friend or Matchmaker is worth the extra effort to ensure you’re confident and everything is good to go.


Wrapping up a virtual date is just as important as when meeting face-to-face. If you two hit it off right away, it’s okay to leave them wanting more! It’s the perfect time to plan a 2nd date then or exchange phone numbers.

Our end goal is for you to have fun meeting new people, so even if you don’t hit it off, just be honest. Let your date know it was great meeting them and wish them all the best in finding the right person. If you're not feeling it, chances are they aren’t either!

Remember the more opportunities you give yourself, the more chances you have to meet the one...even in quarantine!

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