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How we look is a direct reflection of how we feel. It affects how we behave in our lives and what others think of us. Knowing what to wear on a date can maximize the impression you make on others and set the tone for the evening. If you feel confident about how you look, your confidence will be contagious, and your date will feel it too. But how do you get that confidence? It’s easy – prepare for the occasion!

As working professionals, we know that many of our clients are catapulted directly from their professional-self to their social-self with little to no time in between. As a matchmaker and stylist for busy professionals I get that sometimes we don’t have enough time in our days to put all the effort that we would like – but a little effort goes a long way. I have developed a list of easy tips that anyone can use that will elevate any look and leave a lasting impression.

Ladies, This One is For You

1. Add a statement necklace; something that conveys, “I’m on a date!”

2. Bring a pair of patterned or colorful heels to work to change into prior to your

date. The clicking of heels is a psychological trigger for men.

3. Color your lips red with your favorite shade of pink or red. Drawing attention to

your lips evokes thoughts of a potential first kiss.


1. Switch from a necktie to no tie and unfastening the top two buttons. A button-

down with no tie can exude a laidback sophistication.

2. Captivate with a subtle and clean cologne. Keep in mind, a fragrance should

be discovered – not announced.

3. Ladies love a man with vitality – show up refreshed. Hydrate your lips with lip

balm and dab on a little undereye cream.

We know how to look and feel our best in the workplace, we do it every day. But how do we help ourselves be mindful of how we present ourselves in every other area of our lives? The thing to remember is that subtle changes can make all the difference. Plainly put, professional is for work and playful is for dates. Add a little color, a little sparkle, undo some buttons and turn any outfit from business drab to first date fab.

Brandan's raison d'etre is to help clients achieve self-love and find romantic love. With a background in behavioral psychology and interpersonal relationship coaching, Brandan applies his experience as a matchmaker and lifestyle consultant. He strives to understand the deepest webbings of human nature to ensure his clients grow from love. Brandan provides an empathetic ear and constructive feedback to optimize the dating experience of his clients. "Dating is a skill set that should be honed. Let's perfect your skills so that when you meet the right person you possess the tools to shape your ideal relationship.

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