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How to Stay Connected to Others in A Time of Isolation

By nature, humans are social creatures who gravitate towards each other. Our day to day lives revolve around interaction with others: making phone calls and sending emails at work, chatting with a barista or even saying hello or waving to our everyday “commuter friends” on the way into the office. We have a need and desire for connection.

Social interaction benefits our behavioral, psychological and physiological health. Naturally, during this COVID-19 experience we are in a state of pause. By choice or not, there is a need to socially isolate for the safety of everyone. And now, more than ever, singles are faced with the question: How do I stay connected with others?

Spread it! Love, not the virus!

In a time of uncertainty like this - the most important thing is to be aware and be kind. We are all doing our best to navigate what our new “day to day” looks like - so show yourself and others grace.

Spread joy where you can!

  • Ask your mail or delivery person how their day is going.

  • Smile and say hello to anyone and everyone you pass on your neighborhood walk even if you don’t know them.

  • Drop fresh flowers off at someone's door.

  • If you are making a trip for supplies ask family or friends if they need something you can grab and drop at their door.

You might be the only person someone interacts with, so make it positive for everyone!

Communication is Key

The easiest and most important way to feel connected during this time is to communicate with friends and loved ones. While texting is the modern “norm” for communication, go the extra mile and call, Facetime or Skype your family or closest friends to see how their day is going. Seeing each other’s faces while hearing their voices are, at this moment, the best replacement as we cannot physically be with one another.

Zoom is becoming the go-to resource for “meeting” with not only groups of family and friends, but has also become a great opportunity to reconnect with a group of friends that you haven’t really had time to with lately. Set up a Zoom Happy Hour with your inner circle from college OR highschool. Not only do people have the time, but the laughs down memory lane will be a positive take-away when we reflect upon this time.

Also, look at this time as the chance to do something outside of your comfort zone - join Facebook Groups with topics you enjoy, follow a poet or comedian on Instagram or Twitter and engage others that are there too, or even find an online Karaoke meetup and sing your heart out!

Support Local Businesses

“Shop local” isn’t just a trend, now it’s more important than ever to support your community. While you really can’t hang out in your local shops and restaurants, there are still simple ways you can continue to give them business.

  • Order takeout or delivery from your favorite local restaurant. Maybe even opt for a GrubHub order - giving local driver’s continued employment.

  • Request commission work from a local artist or writer. Pre-purchase a photo session for a gift to use in the future.

  • Have a happy hour spot you regularly go to? Buy a gift card now, to use later or rate them 5 stars on Google or Facebook!

If you have the opportunity, do what you can to support your local community. It will help people out in the short term, allowing them a piece of mind for the future. Being mindful of our neighbors helps create a sense of purpose and community!

Connecting multiple times each day is key, so who are you going to connect with first?

Erika Kybartas has been a matchmaker and dating expert for years. With a background in communication and psychology she has always loved relating to others, finding out what is important to them and what makes them tick. Erika is responsible for countless first dates that have led to long-term relationships, engagements, and marriages. Her compassionate and confident attitude, along with her intuition and passion for people make her very successful in the matchmaking industry. She thrives on building relationships and making a difference in people’s lives.

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