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Pivot Your Perspective: Time For A Pulse Check

As you are beginning this new journey into a temporary stay-at-home life, there are two ways you can approach it. The first is that you’re stuck and you’re lonely, your life is going to be bleak. The second is figuring out who you are going to re-emerge as; how you choose to live this life, what you’re going to change and how you are going to evolve.

To start, there are a few things you have to do to keep a positive mindset. It is essential that you keep up the same habits you have done every day -pre-social distancing- setting the alarm, getting dressed for the day, morning coffee time and breakfast. At minimum, do the same habits or make a bigger impact by doing the normal even better!

Eat healthier.

Get up earlier.

Do your workout bigger, better, harder!

And no matter what you do, go outside! Going outside will allow you to interact with people while you are practicing social distancing. This way, you can still smile and wave at someone while running or say “hello” while taking a walk.

Everyday take a personal pulse check:

How have you been spending your time?

Are you feeling productive?

What emotions have you been feeling?

Based on this pulse check, if you aren’t satisfied with where you are at, it’s time to decide:

Who do you want to be now?

How can you drive change?

What action are you going to take to effect that change?

What tools can you gain now for when you re-emerge after COVID-19?

While we are all practicing social distancing, it doesn’t mean you have to stop living for the betterment of YOU.

Instead of looking at this as a time of isolation, pivot your perspective, look at it as an opportunity to do something for you! Think of this moment in time as a cocoon -- transform and emerge as a better you. Stay focused and embrace the moment, start here:

Health & Mental Wellness:

You 100% need to be mindful of this! Put yourself in an optimal health and mental state by making this a priority at least 2x each day, if not more. We know it’s easy to get sucked into Netflix with that bag of potato chips! It’s ok to do it, we all have those moments - but, find ways to balance it out later. Better your mind, have screen-free time set aside each day to focus on a new skill, start a project, read a book or anything that stimulates your mind in a positive way.

And of course --

Social Interaction and Dating:

While social distancing, face-to-face dating has become a challenge. However, it doesn’t mean your love life needs to be put on the shelf. There are great ways to keep you at the top of your game!

If you have started dating someone and you don’t know where to go next since your priority is social distancing, it’s ok to plan a date with this in mind. Running outside can be done 6 feet apart, or if you still need more space, make a virtual date for dinner or drinks - BYOB! We know it sounds crazy, but this is the “temporary norm” and we are only human and have to adapt to survive.

Be real with yourself and where you are in the moment, there’s no road map to get through this, and that’s okay - it’s new and it’s happening to everyone. Doing a deep dive into what you are wanting and what you are lacking can help you amplify and simplify your best life, especially now.

Time for a pulse check!

Stephanie is a veteran matchmaker known for her direct, no-nonsense approach. She’s been with It’s Just Lunch for more than a decade and manages matchmakers in seven cities around the country. She has hundreds of success stories and has been responsible for many relationships and marriages throughout her career in the dating industry. Stephanie’s advice has been featured locally on FOX, NBC, KFAN, and KTLK. Her experience, outgoing personality and passion for her work make her a leading expert in the field!

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