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Spice up Your (virtual) Dating Life!

So you’ve had your first virtual date and are planning a second, third or fourth, and you’re not sure what you and your date should do.

It’s simple, you can do anything! Just remember - safety first! (Keep it clean...we’re talking about social distancing!)

Just because you aren’t physically together, doesn't mean you can’t still have a great date and continue chemistry via phone or video chat. Remember, you can still have fun and get creative while virtual dating!

Virtual Movie Night - Get to know each other through a great movie you can stream, sync and watch together. You can be on the phone or video chat. Think about selecting a movie you both have watched before, that way talking during the best parts will add to the night - not take away from the movie.

If you’ve been dating a while, have time to plan and want to add some romance, think about pre-ordering a “movie snack” that can be delivered to your date for your evening together. Planning ahead always gets you bonus points!

Virtual Dinner Together - Want to impress him or her by cooking dinner together, virtually. Select a menu, have the ingredients delivered and pick a night! This is a fun way to try new dishes while getting to know each other. The key is having a stand alone larger screen (like a tablet or laptop) while you’re cooking screen-to-screen. And make it a game by competing to see who’s presentation is the winning plate!

There are definite conversation starters like talking about your cooking technique (whether you’re good at it or not), why you love a particular style of cooking, or just fun kitchen banter.

Virtual “Fun” Night - There are so many games you can play together! Pick your favorites - or games that work well are Yahtzee, Battleship, Catchphrase...we could go on and on! A game night sets a playful stage that can test your skills, gives you a glimpse into how you work together, creates a bit of healthy competition and even sets you up for the opportunity to get your flirt on!

Another option is to bring out your inner Picasso...and show them your creative side. For beginners why not try a Bob Ross step-by-step retro painting lesson - or some local “paint and sip” location have options to pick-up and paint at home. All you really need are some art supplies, an imagination and a great glass of wine. Have fun critiquing the final composition and enjoy your creative time together.

Remember it’s about who you are spending time with and together you can make any activity a great virtual date. Ultimately, you want to have fun, be yourself and get to know the person you are spending time with to see if the chemistry continues to grow.

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