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Time for A Second Date, Denver

IJL has made the first move for you – now it’s your turn. That first date was a success, you hit it off – what’s next? Planning the second date is your chance to show them your personal style and see if you have a great connection. In the beginning when planning a date with your new interest, find something to do that will really wow them! If you’re not sure what to do next – don’t worry, we’ve got tons of ideas! Here are some hot spots and hidden gems in Denver to help you plan your future dates.

Create Your Own Adventure

Going on an adventure can help bond you to whoever you experience it with. So why not incorporate that into your dating experience? Whether it’s part of your norm or outside of your comfort zone, create an adventure together.

- Who ever would have thought that a concert could come with such a great view? Red Rocks Amphitheater hosts hundreds of shows each year. Picture listening to live music while watching the sunset and getting to know someone! Don’t forget to start your night in downtown Denver with dinner, drinks and great conversation before the concert!

- Have you ever wanted to release your inner Robin Hood or lumberjack? Well now you have the chance! Bad Axe Throwing offers you an immersive experience where you can show off your arm and your aim! Depending on what type of date you are going for this fun opportunity can either start or end any date as they have casual food and cocktails to enjoy while hitting the bulls-eye.

- Looking for that all-day adventure with a view for any nature lover? There are so many outstanding hikes to choose from around Colorado – one of our personal favorites is Chimney Gulch Trail.

*Matchmaker tip: Be prepared. If you are going on a date that requires a little more movement and activity, dress for the occasion…and tell your date, so they can be comfortable too!

Spend A Night with The Arts

For the music and arts lover in us all; Imagine yourself picking up your date and going out for a nice dinner, from there you head to spend a night fully immersed in all the arts has to offer.

Bring the excitement of New York’s Broadway theater to your date night. The

Denver Center of Performing Arts brings you all that and more. What could be more fun than seeing a great show with someone and heading out to grab a drink and talk about it after?

- Did you know that the first Friday of every month, the District on Santa Fe Drive comes alive with hundreds of artists—this is a unique place to share with your date. The Santa Fe Art Walk is the perfect place to wander and admire the pieces while getting the rare chance to ask the artists questions as well as get to know your date a little better!

- Stroll around the Denver Selfie Museum and admire the pieces on display while getting to know each other better. What better way to embrace your goofy side than snapping some selfies with your date!

*Matchmaker Tip: If you don’t already know, find some fun facts about what you are doing so you can show your appreciation and encourage a comfortable environment/conversation.

Food for Thought

- Experience signature food, cocktails and jazz music with a date at Nocturne in Denver. Together you can immerse yourselves in a full experience for the senses. With a stocked menu, there is sure to be something for everyone.

- Get lost in the beauty of the downtown Denver skyline with a great view of the sunset. El Five offers food that resemble a mixture of all Mediterranean regions. Nestled in one of Denver’s hottest neighborhoods, LoHi, you can enjoy an evening of spontaneity and up-scale dining with the date of your choice.

*Matchmaker Tip: it’s always fun to order multiple things and share with your date so you get the opportunity to try more on the menu. Let’s be honest, not everyone is a sharer, make sure your date feels comfortable doing so.

Not Your Average Dinner Date

None of these ideas hitting home yet? Here are a few more unique things you can do with your match!

- Grab a date and maybe even a group of your friends and head over to Voicebox in Denver. Book a karaoke box and belt out some tunes all while snacking on their picture-perfect appetizers. Who knows maybe you and your special someone can even sing a duet together!

- Want to add a cherry on top? Then finish your date with a trip to what better place to get ice cream than Little Man Ice Cream. Get your ice cream out of a 28 foot tall, 14,000 pound ice cream can! Enjoy homemade ice creams and classic American food items with your date!

- Dating is already a gamble… so why not continue the theme for your date? Try your luck with this list of popular casinos in Black Hawk and Central city, maybe you can even casino hop! Make a night of it by starting your date with dinner and drinks.

- Get your daily steps in by walking around downtown Denver with a brewery hop around the city with your date! You choose where you want to go with Denver Microbrew Tour all while exploring some of Denver’s best kept secrets and trying 10+ craft beers.

These great date ideas are just scratching the surface of all the cool things you can do in Denver – you just have to open up your mind to ideas and look around you. Changing up the places you go can also spice up your love life and bring a new sense of adventure and fun to your dating experience! If you want help planning and finding something new to do, call us – that’s why we are here and what we do!

Remember, we’ve got your back, want to continue making a good impression on your dates? Check out our blog “Tips for a Successful First Date” for tips on leading a date and wowing your match.

Jolene Beaton is a nationally renowned matchmaker and dating expert. Her expertise, passion and unique ability to truly understand singles and the complex dating scene have made her a sought after expert in matchmaking, dating and relationships. Over the past 12 years Jolene has established herself as a leading Dating & Relationship Coach with It's Just Lunch and remains focused on one key goal – helping her clients find love.

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