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Why It's so Easy to FALL in Love in the Fall

Summer is always fun, but Autumn is when things really start to heat up, at least romantically. With a new season, there is always a “fresh-start” feeling. Casual summer flings are ready to be traded in for something that will last through the cold winter months – which means it’s time to couple up.

Autumn means cuffing season is no longer right around the corner… it’s here! If you haven’t heard this term before, cuffing season is the time of year when people are either looking to or are already connecting themselves to another person. Our energy levels decrease in the winter and we have a natural instinct to surround ourselves with others. With fall activities and the holiday season on its way, cuffing season brings you someone to share it with.

Sweater Weather

The weather may be cooling down, but your love life has a great chance of heating up. Colder temperatures ignite our want to find warmth in the arms of someone else. “Being cold makes most people want emotional warmth in their lives, or someone to snuggle up with” said DC Matchmaker Kate O’Connor. As you start to notice that the days are getting shorter and you’re spending more time in the dark, it brings a sense of loneliness that makes you crave the company of a partner. You’re not alone in this – many people feel this way, that’s why fall, and winter are the best time to start a new relationship.

Fall Dates and Activities

The fall brings with it endless date options! Now is your chance to get creative and cute. Fall classics such as pumpkin patches, apple-picking, hayrides, picnics and color tours are all great first date activities. But let’s maybe save football games and tailgating for date number two; hopefully you’re cheering for the same team so you can ride a winning high together!

These dates are also a great time to break out your cozy-cute Fall attire and dress to impress. You’ll feel confident and bring your best self to your date. And who knows, these fun fall dates may even lead to a winter spent together.


Fall can be a romantic time – and there is something to be said about the sentimentality that comes with the season. Are you ready to get serious about finding a relationship this cuffing season?

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