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This is real life, and there is nothing we love more at

IJL Select than having a hand in a good love story.

Josh & Jessica


November 29th 2022

IJL:  Describe your initial impression of each other on your first date:

Josh:  Fireworks from the first date. I was 30 minutes late as I had an emergency come up at work. So I'm sure her first impression might be described a little differently.

IJL:  How did he propose?

Josh: We invited my parents, Jessica's parents and my sister to a night out at Benihana as that was our favorite restaurant and Jessica's dad hadn't been there yet. I was able to convince the chef beforehand to make the rice into a ring and got down on a knee right there at the table. I had a speech planned and I'm pretty sure I got through it, but the whole moment was such a blur looking back on that part. I just remember when I got done and before I could give her the ring she snatched the ring and threw it on her finger and said yes.

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Kaitlin & Matthew


July 29, 2023

IJL:  Did fireworks spark for the both of you on the first date? Or did it take some time? Tell us more!

Kaitlin: It took time! A slow journey of getting to know each other through the pandemic where dates consisted of walks outside in the park. Over time I could tell that he was very kind and emotionally available. Also, that we had the same goals and dreams of raising a family.


IJL:  How did he propose?

Kaitlin: He took me back to the spot where we had our first date and got down on one knee! It was very sweet. We also got our favorite pizza and cupcakes and walked around the National Mall just soaking it all in.


Paul & Muyinza

March 25, 2023

IJL:  Describe your initial impression of each other on your first date:

Muyinza: The smiles, especially Paul's big laugh when he saw me. My impression of Paul was the simplicity and kindness about him.

IJL:  When did you know he/she was the right one for you? (specific moment/memory)

Muyinza: Paul and I are from different background. I knew he was the right one for me because of his acceptance of me. He opened up to me about this being his first time of dating someone from a different background. He said he felt very comfortable with me. We also had conversation about our past experiences, and they matched very well. The chemistry between us is the icing on the cake!

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